The traditional way of geolocating underground facilities by relying on potholing or digging a hole to expose the infrastructure is not only expensive, but it is also disruptive and dangerous to lifes and can lead to severe damages to the infrastructure and other dependant major installations.

We have at Geomappers Engineering Ltd, a non-disruptive  technology to accurately locate the exact positions of all your underground utility cables and pipes and precisely indicate the depth to which such cables and pipes are buried in the ground. This rules out any guess work and safeguards all underground utilities at the construction site.

This technology is capable of differentiating between power lines and communication lines and works effectively even if these utilities are not active at the time of the survey. The deliverable is a comprehensive map usually in CAD or GIS platform that provides the project management team information about underground utilities for pre-design decisions that can significantly reduce the risk of damage or project delays and cut costs due to unexpected underground structures. We deliver on site  instance solutions by confirming the presence or abscent of utility cables or pipes at targeted excavation points to avoid the damage on construction sites.


1. Accurately locating all utilities underground

2. Increased safety on site

3. Fewer design Changes

4. Reduced number of missed potholes trying to locate underground utilities

5. Incurring no additional costs in repairing damaged underground utilities

6. Quick and non-invasive field operations

7. No electrocution of field men doing excarvation on site