Underground Utilities Location and Mapping

Most land development projects involve earthworks either in the form of cutting/digging the ground or filling the ground to formation level. Either way, there are high risks associated with hitting subsurface/buried pipes or cables accidentally or filling grounds with conduits or voids underneath that could lead to failed structures.
Apart from delays in project execution as a result of underground utilities detected accidentally only at the construction stage, that need to be relocated before construction can proceed, there are also associated costs and even fatalities resulting from accidentally hitting underground utilities such as power cables and voids such as abandoned manholes.
We help clients to prevent damaging all buried utilities by accurately locating, marking, and mapping all kinds of subsurface features to guide the design team and inform the project management procedures necessary to avoid delays and accidents.
We have the capability to accurately locate and determine the depth of metallic or plastic utilities, conduits and voids, gas lines, power and communication cables, underground storage tanks, and vaults.


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