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We are the leading survey firm in the execution of engineering and construction-related surveys. Our geomatic engineers are always on top of their job when it comes to pre-design data capturing, setting out design elements, confirming horizontal and vertical alignments, volumetric earthworks computations, as-built surveys, and deformation monitoring.
Topographical surveys and maps produced by us are always remarkable and of fine details, structured in comprehensive layers and 3D models with high-resolution realistic orthophoto as the backdrop to help both experts and non-experts alike make meaning of the topography and the features.
Effective design implementation of roads, bridges, pipelines and sewers, buildings, and electrical grids are our routine tasks, which we carry out smartly with our state-of-the-art modern construction survey equipment such as robotic total stations, rotating lasers, digital levels and multi constellation GNSS RTK receivers.
We have worked successfully on high-accuracy demanding jobs such as setting out of anchor bolts positions for construction of prefabricated steel structures, Airport luggage carousel studs/pivot points and rigid control networks for construction of railway lines.


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We look forward to renewing old relationships and building many new ones in the future. Feel free to reach us through any of the means convenient to you. We are always at your service.

We started in the year 2008 from a very little beginning and remained passionate and committed to client satisfaction in delivering our core mandate as Geomatic Engineers and Licensed Surveyors over the years. Our sustained business growth is tagged to good practices and loyal customers.

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