Cadastral and Land Aquisition Surveys

An essential aspect of legally owning a real property i.e land is the physical delineation of the property boundaries and determination of the dimensions, areas, and rights associated with the property. The field of surveying that specialises in the establishment and re-establishment of real property boundaries is referred to as cadastral surveying.
Due to the seriousness and the legal implications of cadastral surveys, most countries including Ghana restrict the execution of cadastral surveys and the production of cadastral plans (Approved plans or referred to by most Ghanaians as 'Bar Code Plan') solely by LICENSED SURVEYORS, this requirement is backed by the provision of the Survey Act, 1962(Act 127) and the Lands Commission Act, 2008 (Act767).
You certainly do not want your acquired land to be wrongly positioned in the national land Register (Cadaster), which could lead to you losing the land in the event of a legal challenge of your rightful title or ownership of the land.
We are duly LICENSED to execute cadastral surveys and very much so well experienced in its speedy execution. We can equally assist you to confirm if your plan on paper depicts the actual ground position or not.
Key to land acquisition in Ghana is the due diligence process, and we are well-placed to guide you through the process and provide you with a plan for a comprehensive search at the Lands Commission.


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