Airborne Lidar Survey

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology enable us to collect 3 Dimensional(X, Y, Z) measurements referred to as point clouds reflected from all features on the surface and beneath all vegetation covers. This helps us produce high-resolution ground elevation models.
With this technology, we can always produce a "bare earth" Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of sites that are densely covered with vegetation/foliage by stripping away the structures and vegetation cover. This survey method ensures the production of accurate ground/terrain models on which to base your design on..
LiDAR technology offers incredibly accurate, consistent results at a great speed, and due to its active illumination sensor, data can be collected both day and night as far as elevation data is concerned.
We are able to cover large area per single flight and the deliverables provide complete solutions that capture the details of complex structures and deliver highly accurate reconstructed colorized models.


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