Geomappers Engineering Ltd. is one of the leading technological based and innovative land surveying companies in Ghana. This is credited to the passion driven land professionals who steer the day to day activities of the company. We operate from the heart of Ghana's business city, Accra in the Greater Accra Region.

Our core business is land surveying, engineering surveying and implementation of Geographic Information systems  for organizations and individuals alike. We also avail ourselves to training of students on attachment and capacity building in use of GIS for institutions.

We started rendering survey services to varying clients since 2003 and years on have improved customer services which has made us consider our customers as partners more than just clients. We continually extend our services to cover a vast range of new customers in Ghana and the sub West African region.

Our growth over the years is as a result of the vast variety of projects we undertake  in the field of cadastral surveying and land title registration, topographical surveying and contour mapping, roads surveys and design, construction and earthwork surveys, utility surveys (underwater pipeline and transmission line surveys), mining surveying, GPS and Ground control surveys for photogrammetric mapping and the implementation of GIS in the agriculture and financial sectors.

We look forward to renewing old relationships and building many new ones in the future. Feel free to reach us through any of the means convenient to you. We are always at your service.